The advantages and charm of Kingjime cross-cutting machine production line


Kingjime Machine is one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in the development, production and sales of cross-cutting machine production lines in China. With 18 years of product development and technological innovation experience, Kingjime cross-cutting machine production lines rely on excellent performance and humanized operation. Reliable quality is favored by the market.

Kingjime cross-cutting machine production line integrates energy saving, high efficiency and stability, and has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliances, hardware, metallurgy and other manufacturing industries.

In the field of shearing equipment, compared with other types of cross-cutting machine production lines, the biggest advantage of the Kingjime branded cross-cutting machine production line lies in its cutting accuracy and speed. Its cutting accuracy reaches ±0.15mm, and its fastest cutting The cutting speed reaches 100m/min, so it can greatly improve the production efficiency while ensuring the quality of the cutting. Compared with other automated equipment and production lines, the Kingjime cross-cutting machine production line has the following significant advantages in use:

Some thin plates of copper, aluminum, silicon steel and other materials may have imprinting when stopped cutting, and the cutting speed is difficult to reach the requirement of constant speed above 60m/min, while the Kingjime KJF60 series adopts a 60m/min flying shear configuration to solve this problem. To address the concerns of users, it is more important to be applicable, reducing unnecessary waste for users.

Kingjime KJF100 is an improvement of the speed and accuracy of the applicable type of KJF60. It provides high-efficiency, high-precision high-speed cross-cutting machine production equipment for materials manufacturers such as mass production and large hardware accessories users.

As the largest cross-cutting machine manufacturer in China, Kingjime Machine is not limited to the current high-precision and high-efficiency sheet cross-cutting machine, but has developed a medium-slab cross-cutting machine based on its high precision and high efficiency. The production line and the thick plate cross-cutting machine production line form a complete set of models, which fills the gap in the medium and thick plate processing market, increases the depth of the product chain, provides customers with more choices, and makes more processing and manufacturing areas feel To the charm of automated production.