Kingjime attended 120th Canton Fair with the latest machines 2016


On October 15, 2016, the 120th Canton Fair will come again. At that time, Kingjime, a well-known brand of metal shearing equipment, will appear in this Canton Fair again. Kingjime has gained a lot from previous Canton Fairs and opened up its reputation in the international market. As well as the recognition of product quality and service, summing up the past and experience, Kingjime’s participation in the 120th Canton Fair will add more new highlights, with intelligence, high efficiency, energy saving, high precision and high stability as the important highlights of this exhibition. Demonstrating Kingjime's first-class R&D and production capabilities, it also provides customers with strong technical capabilities in tailoring high-end metal shearing equipment. Here, welcome all new and old customers to come to understand and negotiate.

The products at the 120th Canton Fair in the fall of 2016 are as follows:

1. Metal sheet uncoiling and leveling flying shear line (flying shear line)

2, Metal sheet uncoiling, leveling and slitting equipment (slitting line)

3. Metal sheet uncoiling and leveling cross-cutting machine (cross-cutting machine)