Uncoiler straightener & feeder

Uncoiler straightener & feeder

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Comments: A automation equipment in high speed feeding coil for punch press. The machine is feeding levelling with uncoiling steel coil. The 3 in 1 whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. We mainly apply computer-control system of brands Mitsubishi. This line can help to improve efficiency, lower cost and ensure quality. TNCF series has won wide market with its high performance and low price. The thickness of material...

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uncoiler straightener and feeder 

Controlled by computer servo motor with high efficiency, precision feed feed length, simple setting.Suitable for broad material of thick, designed to save space and easy to operate.Suitable for all kinds of production, more refueling quickly, save time.Material device, the use of hydraulic expansion, material sent to die, without artificial material, save manpower, high security.Concise structure design, maintenance and management are simple, and strengthen the operator operation safety. Triad feeder features: material by roller about the activity and optoelectronic open after ChengLiao arc, the cutting device, top-down feeding, the cutting device, head pressing device, feed roller, roller, into the mold, do not need to increase the guide arc space, increase the safety of the operator.

TNCF6 series triple feeder (TNCF high standard type)
 Standard Accessory
1.upper roller adjustment by digital watch .
2.Coil width adjusted by double handle wheel with precise screw rod .
3. Pass line can be adjusted by the lifter driven by motor .
4.Coil side guide use one set hollow rolls mechanical back gauge device.
5. Pinch roll and straightener roll material:high-strength alloy bearing steel with hard chrome plating.
6.Hydraulic coil arm device .
7.Motorized Snuber roll .
8.hydraulic guider .
9.hydraulic peeler table .
10.Mitsubishi PLC control feeding program from Japan .  
11.Feed accuracy controlled by Japan YASKAWA servo motor with precise planetary reducer . 

Material widthmm)75-50075-60075-80075-90075-100075-120075-150075-1600
The thickness of the material(mm)1.0-10
The material weight(kg)3T      weight can be customized5T  weight can be customized8T       
weight can be customized
Coil diameter(mm)508
Coil diameter(mm)1500
Maximum speed(m/min)16
Feeding accuracy(mm)±0.15
Feed roller上Upper1 / 下Lower1
Straightening roller上Upper4 / 下Lower3
voltage380VAc / 60Hz
Air source5kg / CM²
Material expansion modeThe oil pressure  Hydraulic
Servo motor (kw)AC4.4KW    with servo reducerAC5.5KW       with servo reducerAC7.5KW       with servo reducer
Rack motor(kw)1.5 KW2.2 KW3 KW
Into car1                           optional  standard
Feeding line height±100 MM
TNCF6 triad series feeder correction ability: