TNCF6 series leveller feeder and uncoiler machine
  • TNCF6 series leveller feeder and uncoiler machine
  • TNCF6 series leveller feeder and uncoiler machine

TNCF6 series leveller feeder and uncoiler machine

Model No.: TNCF6
Price Terms:
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Comments: 3 in 1 uncoiler and straightener saves space and increase productivity.
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I. Feeding feature by PLC program from MITSUBISHI
1.NC Servo feeding. Operating with Computerize Numerical Control by PLC program from MITSUBISHI made in Japan. The electrical parts from YASKAWA made in Japan including Servo motor, driver, encoder, interface screen and so on.
2.High precision feeding: to meet the coming of hi-tech industry, controlled by computer closed circuit feedback system to keep precision degree within +/-0.15mm
3.Feeding function: input 20 sets of different feed length, each group provides 999 times for punching or cutting to satisfy processing of special products.
4.High efficiency release device, match with adjustment of signal from the cutter or press machine through cable wire.
5.Setting of feed length: directly input feed length on the control plate, and then it can reach needed distance, feed length max 9999.99mm. speed max 100m/min
II. Straightening feature.
1.3 in 1 uncoiler and straightener saves space and increase productivity.
2. Straightener and thickness adjustment by 4 worm gear micro-adjuster withreading 0.1mm advance reference indicator.
3.Feed and straightener roll with a hard chrome plated.
4.High rigid mechanical design sturdy construction, and high power output to secure proper straightening and feeding during the speed increasing efficiency.
5.Electric loop control system.
6.Power hold down arm device
7.Inverse curve roll, easy to set up the curve up or down of feeding exit direction.
8.Feeding line easily adjusted by advance worm gear screw Jacks device
9.Coil Material Entry support Assembly can bring the material into pinch rollers Automatically to save man power and increase safety,
10.Coil side guide
11.Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
12.A Clusster gear set maximizes transmission of horse power.
Width of Material(mm)75-40075-50075-60075-70075-80075-100075-130075-1500
Thickness of Material(mm)                                                                            0.8-8
Max.coil Weight(kg)3T(重量可定制) weight can be customized5T(重量可定制) weight can be customized8T(重量可定制) weight can be customized
Coil L.D.(mm)                                                                            508
Max.Coil O.D.(mm)                                                                            1500
Max.Speed(m/min)                                                                            16
Feed Pitch Accuracy(mm)                                                                            ±0.15
Feed ROLL                                                             上Upper1 / 下Lower1
Straighten ROLL                                                            上Upper4 / 下Lower3
Voltage                                                                    380VAc / 60Hz
Air power supply                                                                      5kg / CM²
Uncoiler Expansion                                                                    油 压 Hydraulic
Servo Motor(kw)AC4.4KW(配伺服减速机) with servo reducerAC5.5KW(配伺服减速机) with servo reducerAC7.5KW(配伺服减速机) with servo reducer
Uncoiler Motor(kw)1.5 KW2.2 KW3 KW
Coil Car                                                   选 配 optional标配 standard
Pass line                                                    ±100 MM
IV.Stranghtening Thickness:
                  Model/Width/Thickness         0.8            2.0        2.5        3.0         4.0        5.0         6.0         7.0        8.0        
                      TNCF6-400                                              400300280220
                      TNCF6-500                                       500350280220
                      TNCF6-600                                  600450350280220
                      TNCF6-700                            700550450350280220
                      TNCF6-800                      800550450350280220
                      TNCF6-1000              1000800600450350280220
                      TNCF6-1300          13001000800600450350280220
                      TNCF6-1500          15001000800600450350280220

Thank you for your inquiry about straightener feeder and decoiler,  but you have to provide your main material parameter, so I can't quote for you,Please provide detailed material parameters, such as
1, coil thickness (mm)
2, coil width (mm)
3, MAX coil weight (kg)
4, the main material
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