Thin Steel swinging shear cut to length line
  • Thin Steel swinging shear cut to length line
  • Thin Steel swinging shear cut to length line

Thin Steel swinging shear cut to length line

Model No.: KJHS
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Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Comments: We provide Tension leveling lines to remove any shape defects present in the Coiled material.

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I.Introduction of the Swing shearing cut to length line

The sheet metal cutting line can do uncoiling, straightening, gauging, swing shear cut to length and stacking work. It mainly includes uncoiler, straightener, gauge, shearer, conveyor,stacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc. The line is mainly according to the requirements of the guests to plank abnormity, tong scissors set automatically according to the different shearing diagonal principle of swing Angle, such as trapezoid, parallelogram, triangle, square, rectangle etc, Different shapes. It can be widely used in from 0.15 to 6.0 mm thickness, 300 to 2500 mm width cold or hot rolled carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all e other kinds of metal materials with surface coating. The cut to length line is controlled by PLC system. The information of length, shearing numbers and speed can be input to the PLC systems via HMI(Human Machine Interface) touch screen. When the needed shearing quantity is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted, It has a gauge with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily, smooth plates can be made.

II.Main components 

1. Coil car 
2. Decoiler 
3. Peeler table 
4. Precision leveler
5. Loop Bridge
6. Side Guide Roller
7. Servo feeder 
8. Hydraulic swing Shears
9. Conveyor table 
10. Stacking table with 2 trolley 
11. lifting table   
12. Hydraulic Systems
13. Pneumatic Systems
14. Electrical System PLC Control 

III.Technical Data 

modelthickness(mm)width(mm/)Leveling Tolerance(mm)Measure Tolerance(mm)speed