High speed steel coil slitting line
  • High speed steel coil slitting line
  • High speed steel coil slitting line
  • High speed steel coil slitting line
  • High speed steel coil slitting line

High speed steel coil slitting line

Model No.: KJS-3-1600
Price Terms:
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Comments: Slitting line machine not only for the steel service cutting industry, but also for the pipe industry. A lot of customers make the pipes before slitting the large coil to the small size of coils.

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I. Introduction of the High speed steel coil slitting line 
         slitting line is named with KJS code with workstations for uncoiling, slitting cut and rolling. It consists of feeding trolley, assisting support, decoiler, pincher, straightener, slitting cutter, edging machine, tensional machine, recoiler machine, and downloading equipment, hydraulic system and so on. The whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. We mainly apply computer-control system of brands Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Siemens, Baumueller, Delta, and Schneider. This line can help to improve efficiency, lower cost and ensure quality. KJS has won wide market with its high performance and low price. The thickness of material can be from 0.15MM to 16MM, width from 600MM to 2500MM, quantity from 6 to 30 pieces, highest precision ±0.05MM and speed 200M/min. This line is applicable for processing of copper, aluminum, cold-reduced material, hot rolled material, silicon steel, and stainless steel and so on.

II. Technical Data


main material all kinds of metal coil
coil weight(ton) 3,5,10,15,20,25,30,40
coil width(mm) 650,850,1000,1300,1600,2000,2500
coil thickness(mm) 0.25-2,0.4-3,0.5-4,1-6,2-8,3-10,4-16
coil I.D(mm):  508mm (470-610)
coil O.D (mm):  1200-1800
line speed(m/min) 0-40,0-60,10-120,20-180
number of slitting 5~30
Cutting accuracy(mm/m) 0.05
voltage/ HZ 380/440V-50HZ   660V-60HZ
capacity load  2500-5500 tons/ month

III. Machine parts in the working line

1.        coil car  
2.        decoiler    
3.        peeler entry table 
4.        Straightener.
5.        Shearing machine    
6.        loop table                                                  
7.        coil guide and pinch roll                     
8.        Slitting machine 
9.        scrap winder (both sides) 
10.    Loop table 
11.    separator and tension table 
12.    Deflector roll and exit threading table
13.    Recoiler 
14.    Over arm separator in the recoiler.
15.    Exit coil car for recoiler 
16.    Hydraulic system 
17.    pneumatic system 
18.    electrical control system

steel slitting line KJS180

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