Heavy plate metal straightener(HS)

Heavy plate metal straightener(HS)

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1.Suitabe for straighten different metal sheets
2.Equipped with Japan magentic contactor andelectronic components,minimum breakdown
3.Efficient automatic material feeding equipment,adramatic increase in productivity is achieved by lane up with Auto Reel(MT-type),Double Heed coil Cradle(MTD-type)(MTDM-type)
4.Hard-chrome-plated roller,low wear,long operating life.

II.Technical data for HS series

1.材料宽度max width:200300/400/500/600/700/800/1000mm
2.材料厚度max thickness:1.0-4.5/1.0-6.0mm
3.矫正速度speed of feed:15 m/min   
4.马达motor:3-15 KW