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1.High precision feeding: to meet the coming of hi-tech industry, controlled by computer closed circuit feedback system, keep precision degree within accuracy +/-0.03mm.
  2.Feeding function: input 20 sets of different feeding length, each group provide 999 times punching to satisfy processing of special products. Controlled by CNC (Computer Numerical control) program.
  3.High efficiency release device, match with adjustment of Cam signal and material thickness
  4.Setting of feeding length: directly input feeding length on the control board, and then it can reach needed distance, feed length max 9999.99mm. Speed 20m/min
  5.Hollow type, light, small inertia of circumgyration; surface hardness HRC60 degree with heat treatment, high abrasive resistance and long service life.

  6.Servo driven roll feeds share many of the advantages with the press driven variety, such as the minimal space requirement, low maintenance, and high speeds. However, servo feeds also provide benefits that press driven units cannot. The fact that they utilize a microprocessor based control gives them an added dimension. Features such as programmable move patterns, self diagnostics, auto correction, and the ability to communicate with automation - just to name a few - set them apart from other types of feeds.

Model: BAL series( straightenet & decoil):

Model: Go series straightenet & decoil:

Model: BAL series feed & decoil):

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