The mayor of Qingxi Town visited Kingjime Machine to research the production situation after the holiday


On April 8 2020, the deputy secretary of Qingxi Town Party Committee and mayor Liang Shaoguang led a team to visit our town’s Kingjime Machinery Factory to learn more about the production situation of the enterprise after the holiday and the difficulties in the development process, and encourage the enterprise to improve its independent innovation ability. Use policy support to promote better and faster development of enterprises. Relevant persons in charge of the town party and government office and economic and trade office accompanied the investigation.

At Dongguan Kingjime Automatic Stamping Equipment Co., Ltd., Mayor Liang Shaoguang and his entourage watched the company's introduction video, learned about the company's production and operation, product range and other aspects, and thanked the company for its contribution to taxation and encouraged the company to use it flexibly. The existing technical resources are transformed into new fields, to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and actively respond to the severe situation of the current stamping industry. The person in charge of the enterprise said that he will pay close attention to the supporting policies implemented by the towns and cities. Colleagues also hope that the government can introduce more outstanding technical talents and understand the problems of the children of enterprise employees in school, so that the enterprise will develop more steadily and healthily.