Cut To Length Line
High Precision and NC Servo 3 In 1 Decoiler & Straightener & Feeder Machine
High Speed Slitting Line Upto 180m/min line Speed  and 30 metal strips

New Product

KJF Series Rotary Shear Cut To Length Line
US $278,000.00 - US $386,000.00
KJS120 Series High Speed Steel Sheet Metal Plate Slitting Line
US $256,000.00 - US $387,000.00
SL series 2 in 1 Straightener&Uncoiler
US $32,600.00 - US $65,400.00
KJS180 Series High Speed Slitting Line
US $250,000.00 - US $380,000.00
KJS60 Series Conventional HR/CR Metal Coil Slitting Line
US $243,500.00 - US $368,400.00
KJS40 Heavy Gauge Steel Plate Slitting Line
US $275,600.00 - US $398,500.00
KJH40/60 Series High Speed Cut To Length Production Line
US $286,500.00 - US $395,000.00
KJH25 Series Thin Steel Low speed Cut To Length Line Without Loop Pit
US $245,600.00 - US $365,800.00

KingJime Machine Co., Ltd

Kingjime Machine Co., Ltd. originated from Taiwan. It was originally founded in 1996 in Dongguan City Qingxi Jinlong Machine Manufacturing Factory. It is a limited liability company established in accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system. It wholly owns Hong Kong Kingjime Machine Co., Ltd and Dongguan Kingjime Automatic Punch Equipment Co., Ltd, as well as over 20 branches or offices in Shanghai, Wuhan, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, etc. We are the first company in China to manufacture coil lines for press feed automation machines like 3 in 1. NC servo feeder, coil process production lines for cut-to-length, slitting line, and pipes machine. As a professional company with integrated abilities of equipment research, manufacturing, sales, and after-sale service, our products are widely used in industries such as hardware, Mould, metallurgy, steel-cut processing, automobile, and so on.

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No.8 Fengping Xinzhongkeng Rd, San Zhong Industrial Area, Qingxi Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

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